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Our Care model is built on recognising the frustrations and flaws with the traditional consultation system, and generating innovative, patient-centred solutions.

We offer authentically personalised treatments, and develop genuine, meaningful relationships built on transparency and compassion. We eliminate time wasted on unnecessary appointments, and establish round-the-clock advice and support.

At the heart of this new model of ours, is a commitment to ensuring our patients feel confident and content and are properly informed about their treatment options. We provide…

If you are having recurrent hip or knee problems, we provide a professional orthopaedic opinion and will discuss investigation and treatment options

Estimates suggest that up to 8.5 million people in the UK are affected by joint pain that may be attributed to osteoarthritis

Hip and Knee problems may present in different ways. For some, it commences acutely with a sporting injury. For others, it could be a gradual worsening of pain and stiffness, leading to loss of function and quality of life.

Regardless of the particulars, we understand how daunting hip and knee troubles can be.

So when difficulties do arise, we are here to offer you a bespoke treatment plan.


What happens when you arrange a clinic appointment with one of our consultants?

During your consultation, a thorough medical history relevant to your symptoms will be taken.

We will ask how your symptoms affect you on a day to day basis. We will then perform an examination after which it may be necessary to organise some preliminary x-rays.

The diagnosis may become clear at this stage, however for some patients it is necessary to perform further investigations such as blood tests, MRI scan, or CT scans.

Once the diagnosis is established, we will be sure to discuss all potential treatment options with you. These treatment options may include physiotherapy or joint injections, or indeed we may suggest that surgical treatment should be considered.

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If you decide to go ahead with surgery

With Joint Motion, your journey through surgery and on to recovery will be supported throughout by your team.

We personalise your treatment and aim to build a genuine, mutually trusting relationship with you. Our surgeons meet regularly for internal governance meetings to ensure the highest levels of surgical care are being maintained. At regular meetings, surgical decision making is audited as well as the outcomes of surgery.

Between our consultants, we have tens of thousands of hours of operative experience. All of our joint replacements are submitted to the National Joint Registry for clinical governance compliance.

When surgery is the chosen option, rest assured there is an experienced team behind you.


Surgery need not be intimidating

Around 200,000 hip and knee replacements are performed every year in the UK

We know just the word “surgery” can be intimidating. However, expert advice and guidance is available to you at all times. We guide you through the whole process, making sure you feel in control and all your needs are met.

We work closely with all of our anaesthetic colleagues to ensure up-to-date methods of anaesethia are used, to optimise your experience during and after your operation.

Your consultant will be there with you in the immediate post-operative period to oversee your rehabilitation and recovery.


Recovery begins the moment your surgery ends

Joint Motion will be by your side through the whole journey

Many of our hip and knee replacement patients leave hospital the day after surgery. The teams at our chosen healthcare providers are dedicated to making your stay as comfortable as possible and to facilitate your full recovery.

The consultant surgeons at Joint Motion will always attend to you in person following surgery. This is to ensure your postoperative plan is followed and to answer any of your questions that may arise regarding your recovery.


Getting moving again takes time

Regaining confidence and function after your surgery

Under the guidance of our consultant led rehabilitation teams, you will see incremental improvements during your post-operative recovery. You will be provided with information about what you can and what you cannot do in the initial period following surgery. We will then arrange an outpatient consultant led follow-up appointment to ensure the progress is being made.

If you have any hiccups or questions during this period, one of our joint motion specialists will be available to help you.

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Nothing matters more to us than patients feeling secure and informed – and this means we are always keen to answer your questions.

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